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  • The gift card is valid to pay all or part of the expenses in the whole point of sale of the restaurant Les Marronniers 27 rue de Metz 80000 Amiens

  • The Les Marronniers gift card is active from the date of purchase. The validity period of the gift card is one year from the date of purchase.


  • The gift card can be credited with an amount that you select ranging from €15 (minimum amount) to €200 (maximum amount).



  • The card can be used once or several times depending on its amount.

  • To make a purchase greater than the amount of the gift card, it is possible to complete the payment of the purchase with another method of payment or another gift card.

  • The Les Marronniers gift card cannot be reloaded, exchanged or refunded. In case of theft or loss the gift card can be deactivated by contacting the restaurant at /TEL +33 03 22 91 30 55. 

It cannot give rise to any monetary compensation, including the return of change.


If you have any questions, our team remains available.

03 22 91 30 55

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