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Who are we?

Les Marronniers is first and foremost a beautiful love story: that of Marie & Jean-François which has lasted for 25 years. After the birth of their 2 children, they have only one wish: to open a restaurant in Amiens.

15 years later, the adventure continues with the same desire and passion as the beginnings.

Marie, passionate chef

Marie Ricque, our chef since the beginning, wants everyone to feel the emotion she wants to release through all her dishes: flavors, textures ... in short: taste .

His cuisine is inspired by his adopted France but also by Portuguese know-how, his native country.

She is convinced that the simplest things are often the best: you just have to put your heart into it and invest 100% !

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Of course, Marie's cuisine could not be fully realized without quality products . Consequently, it only offers homemade dishes made with fresh products ( vegetables, fish & meat, homemade sauces & fries, etc.).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Jean-François, invested restaurateur

Jean-François is the one who takes pleasure in welcoming you at each service for 15 years.

Originally from Amiens, he is very attached to his region and does not intend to leave it anytime soon!

His welcome is always smiling & warm : he always tries to make you have a very warm moment and to enhance the cuisine of his wife!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Do not hesitate to ask him for advice on a dish or even a wine, he will answer you with pleasure ...


Les Marronniers is also a team of enthusiasts  

Marie & Jean-François have the chance to work with a team of enthusiasts. First of all, there is Etienne , in the hall for 10 years at the Marronniers. It is qualified on TripAdvisor as being: "smiling", "nice" or "friendly".

Good time guaranteed with Étienne!

In the kitchen, Marie can count on Sébastien , Sergio & Arnaud to provide her with the help she needs in the preparation of homemade dishes.

“The reputation of Les Marronniers is more than up to par, everything was perfect!
The welcome is warm & friendly. We really enjoyed it, it was delicious, homemade with fresh and quality products.
The value for money is very correct.
We recommend without hesitation! ”

- anaanaas, Tripadvisor

“The products are of good quality and the establishment chooses the local and that, we appreciate. The plates are generous and well presented. In the mouth, it is a pleasure to find the taste of each ingredient, cooked with care. The plus: courteous and smiling waiters for impeccable service. ”

- Opinion of Petit Futé 2020

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